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About Us

Who are Kilibound Adventures?

KiliBound Adventures is a family-owned climb and travel company born out of a deep love for Africa and the desire to make a difference in the world. We specialize in Kilimanjaro climbs for trekkers of all ages and KiliBound prides itself on having a 100% success rate as of today, with ages ranging from 11 to 68! KiliBound Adventures is dedicated to giving back to the local community and especially the families of the guides, porters, cooks, and entire Tanzanian staff.

KiliBound has funded guide school training for guides, education for children of staff, and you will immediately see the impact it has had and the family atmosphere you will be a part of on the mountain. For every climb, KililBound contributes to an investment fund dedicated to the education of the children of your guides, porters, and Tanzanian staff. Reach out to us if you would like more information on KiliBound’s investment into the future of these families and how to contribute yourself.

The Kilibound Adventures Team

James – KiliBound co-founder

James is a graduate of Florida State University, Cumberland School of Law (Samford University), and owner of McCune Law, a private law firm in St. Augustine, Florida. Since getting his first job as an attorney, he has volunteered for Big Brothers Big Sisters, taught ESOL classes as a volunteer, and sat on the board as an advocate for the local homeless shelter. James first travelled internationally in 2001, when he journeyed with his father for two months on a trip across Asia and Europe starting in Hong Kong, spanning the trans-Siberian railroad, and ending in Lisbon. James found his true passion for travel on that trip and began to channel his energy into KiliBound Adventures after summiting for the first time in 2007 and meeting Gideon. In his spare time, James has organized and hosted trips all over the world including India, Hungary, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Peru, Guatemala, Argentina, China, and Tibet… to name a few!

Gideon – KiliBound co-founder and Head guide

Gideon is a native of Arusha and a descendent of the Maasai tribe. Gideon has made over 400 successful summits up Kilimanjaro and travelled abroad arranging climbs for clientele all over the world. Gideon is known and respected among his peers, having worked his way up from working as a porter to an assistant guide, and now a guide and head host to all of our clients during their time in Arusha and on the mountain. In addition to his years of experience, Gideon holds a degree in tourism from the Nairobi Institute of Tourism, is a Wilderness First Responder, and is licensed to guide by the Tanzanian Park Authority. Gideon lives in Arusha near his family with his wife and children. James met Gideon during his travels through Africa and realized early on that they shared the same dream – to be a part of the creation of a one of a kind travel outfitter based on African excursions. Hear what Gideon says about Kilibound… “I have worked with many different companies, I did not like how they treat the porters. Many companies make porters carry a lot and they don’t provide porter tents. With no tent, the porters have to sleep in the mess tent, so they stay behind the rocks in the cold and in the wind and rain until the clients finish dinner. Sometimes the clients stay up and play cards, and the porters need to wake up so early in the morning but they are left to wait behind the rocks. Also, other companies I have worked with do not provide transport to the mountain for the porters, so the porters have to spend a lot out of their small salary to pay for their own transport. Other companies do not give lunch to porters, only dinner, and porters have to buy their lunch. After all of these expenses, porters go home with very little money left from their salary. Kilibound hires extra porters so nobody ever carries too much, provides lunch and dinner for no cost, provides transport to the mountain from Arusha, and provides porter tents and blankets.” – Gideon

Emmanuel – Head chef

Emmanuel is KiliBound’s head cook and is considered the best cook on Mt. Kilimanjaro, having won the cook of the year award multiple times. He was born near the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and has climbed the mountain more than 300 times. One of the most common reports from climbers is that they could not believe how great the food was on the mountain.

Chaji Boy – lead porter

One of the most experienced climbers on KiliBound’s staff, he has climbed Kilimanjaro more than 400 times. He is the lead porter and we like to call him our lead motivator! He will have you singing and dancing each day, and is certain to bring a smile to your face with his positive energy.

Benjamin – Assistant guide

Our newest certified guide after being sponsored by KiliBound for guide school. Benjamin was born near the slopes of Mt. Meru. He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro over 100 times as a personal porter and many clients have gushed over his kind demeanour and infectious smile.

Kanini – Camp Manager

Kanini is a descendant of a long line of Maasai and was born near the slopes of Mt. Meru. He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro over 400 times. He is the camp manager for KiliBound and ensures your experience in camp is one of a kind!

Our Porters, Assistant Guides, and Chefs

We cannot even list here the many amazing Tanzanian porters, assistant guides, and cooks that we have enlisted throughout the climbs that we have hosted. We cannot wait for you to meet the rest of the team, and we know that they will make you fall in love with the Tanzanian people and truly enhance your climbing experience. It is very important to KiliBound Adventures to treat its employees fairly, and we follow all rules and regulations set forth by the Tanzanian Park Authority (TPA) regarding the treatment of mountain personnel. In addition, we offer incentives for exceptional service – no other outfitter can say that! As one of our porters, Juma, describes ‚”I’ve been climbing Kilimanjaro since 2003 and made it to the summit over 100 times as a porter, camp crew and as a waiter. I love to work with KiliBound. My ambition is to be a KiliBound guide! The difference between KiliBound Adventures and other companies, I saw at the first moment! It is the relationship between senior staff and porters, the relationship is awesome compared to other companies, and this relationship makes the climb easier for everyone! I love to climb with KiliBound.”

Why Choose KiliBound Adventures?

KiliBound Adventures is dedicated to providing a meaningful, enriching, once in a lifetime experience for each and every climber. Travelling is one of the great privileges in life, and few are fortunate enough to make it as far as the infamous snows of Kilimanjaro. We are thrilled you have found your way here and would love to walk with you as you take your next step on this adventure. With a 100% success rate for the Lemosho Route, we are equipped to make this the most memorable experience of your life.

KiliBound employs only the best and most experienced mountain staff. Our guides and porters have been a part of hundreds of successful summits and have the knowledge and experience to keep you safe. KiliBound is as dedicated to providing a safe and meaningful experience to our staff as we are for our climbers – and it shows! Our staff love working for us and love getting to know you. Our amazing staff has successfully guided climbers, doctors, lawyers, families with children, retirees, and adventurers of all walks of life ages 11 – 68 safely to Uhuru peak. Led by our fearless leader and mountain guru, Gideon, KiliBound continues to provide a once in lifetime experiences to those brave enough to take the first step.

We are an affordable “luxury” Kilimanjaro outfitter, and it is our mission to provide a comfortable and meaningful climbing experience to the average everyday traveller. You do not need to be an experienced climber to successfully summit Kilimanjaro with us. We carry your gear, set up your entire camp, take down your entire camp, cook and serve all meals, and dispose of all your trash for you. In addition, we add the comforts of home with hot showers at the lower elevation camps and a private toilet for only our group. Climbers who go during the busy season are very grateful for the private toilet! These are not necessary to climb, but the added comfort means a lot when you are so far from home and when every drop of energy counts as you battle the altitude.

Unless specifically requested, we only climb the routes with the highest summit success rates. It is also important to KiliBound Adventures to provide you with the most highly trained guides on the mountain, the best cooks, and skilled porters. We take pride in paying and treating our Tanzanian staff well!

  • Social Responsibility – KiliBound respects the rights and needs of our porters and staff, and goes beyond what is mandated by the park authority in terms of staff treatment and pay. Kilibound actively fights against porter abuse and works to empower members of Kilimanjaro’s full-time family!
  • Kilimanjaro’s Health is Important to Us – we aim to leave the trail a better place than we found it, we pick up after ourselves and after others if they haven’t!
  • Safety First! – we carry emergency safety gear, employ highly trained and experienced staff, take daily oximeter readings to monitor acclimatization, and provide the option for additional safety coverage.
  • We Give Back – KiliBound is home to Climbers for a Cause, where every climb is dedicated to a charity!
  • Comforts of Home – It’s the little things that count! Kilibound takes extra steps to help you feel at home on the mountain and provides additional support staff to cater to your individual needs.

Affordable Luxury

Here at KiliBound Adventures, we consider ourselves an “affordable luxury outfitter.” Most of the clients that climb with us are not extremely experienced trekkers, but normal people looking for an extremely meaningful adventure. Our experienced staff will carry your tents, all of your gear (with the exception of your personal day pack), set up and take down camp for you every day, cook all of your meals, take care of all of your dishes, and entertain you along the way. KiliBound uses only the best gear on the market and goes a step further to ensure your comfort by providing a private toilet for the group and hot showers at the lower elevation camps. You do not want to have to use the dirty group long-drop toilets in the middle of the night during the height of the season! Furthermore, we make it a priority to offer you the freshest and most appetizing food on the mountain. Our interest is in ensuring successful summits by limiting unnecessary exertion while providing a comfortable climbing experience. View our package options and upgrades.

Health and Safety

You should be in good general health to climb the mountain. Check with your doctor prior to booking a trip, and start an exercise routine to prepare for your trek immediately. Learn more about preparing for your Kilimanjaro climb and starting a physical training program. On occasion, we can book private climbs for groups with specific medical needs (such as diabetes) at the climber’s request. Such groups may incur additional costs. 

When travelling to Tanzania some vaccinations may be required. Make sure you check your local travel clinic 2-3 months prior to leaving for Tanzania to ensure that you are in compliance. KiliBound is first and foremost committed to the safety of its staff and guests. You must have the proper equipment in order to climb, and if you display severe symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness, our guides will not let you proceed up the mountain for your own safety. Learn more about Acute Mountain Sickness. KiliBound Adventures adheres to a strict safety policy and encourages all of our trekkers to purchase additional travel insurance/international medical coverage in the case of an emergency. Learn more about our emergency medical coverage upgrade. 

Symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) are experienced by some climbers as early on as 12,000 feet, and most climbers will have mild to moderate symptoms at 15,000 feet and above. Unless you have been at these altitudes before, there is no way for you to know how the altitude will impact your body. Untreated AMS can lead to a life-threatening condition. KiliBound’s guides and staff are highly trained to recognize and treat AMS and we carry oxygen for use in the event of an emergency. However, even if you have taken all the necessary precautions, the only treatment, once you develop severe symptoms of AMS, is to descend in elevation. The routes that KiliBound specialize in are set up in such a way to encourage proper acclimatization for your body.

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