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Machame Route

machame route kilimanjaro climb


Machame  route is one of the most popular routes of Kilimanjaro. Amongst the few old Kilimanjaro trekking routes, Machame is the prime one. Not only the oldest route but also Machame Route is the most populous one. The hiking via Machame starts at the rainforest zone and further traverse through rest 4 climatic zones.

Machame Route or the “Whiskey Route” is unique amongst all other routes of Kilimanjaro. As it has a pleasant perspective and changed scene it’s one of the preferred roués of Kilimanjaro. Be that as it may, moving through Machame Route is somewhat troublesome when contrasted with the Marangu course. Kilimanjaro Machame Routes offers a longer itinerary but the success rate is quite high in comparison to Marangu.

Machame route isn’t very hard, however, the trekking down is more tiring. The route offers many high points and low points during the hike. Accordingly, the course is most appropriate for individuals with some climbing or trekking encounters and for the individuals who love experiences. For amateurs the climbers, the course can be tiring.

Machame Route begins from the south, heading towards the east, exploring underneath the southern ice fields in front of summiting.

For the most part, the base days to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro through this course is six, however, seven days is prescribed.

There are 2 reasons for the popularity of Machame Route.

  1. It is the oldest climbing routes of Kilimanjaro after Marangu route
  2. It offers a great opportunity for acclimatization

However, the Kilimanjaro Machame Route is a bit difficult for the climbers to climb up. The ascending through Barranco Wall on day four is the hardest one. The steppe climbing is though a complete non-technical climb.

If you are someone who has decent physical strength, Machame Route is highly recommended. The route offers a great acclimatizing opportunity following the “walk high and sleep low” rule. Hence around half the population of the climbers prefer Machame to ascend.

Compared to the Marangu Route, Machame offers a long itinerary. Usually, the Kilimanjaro Machame Route takes 6 to 7 days and sometimes even 8 days for ascending to the Uhuru Peak.

The hike to the Uhuru peak starts from the foothill and continues through the cultivation zone. The rest of the hiking goes through 4 more different zones such as;

  • Rainforest Zone
  • Heath zone & Mooreland zone
  • Alpine desert zone
  • Arctic zone

 Few interesting facts about Machame Route:

  • The Machame Route is approximately 62 km/ 37 miles from gate to gate
  • It is more suitable for those who are considered to be fit
  • Initiates from the southern part of the mountain
  • The trail goes through all the 5 climatic zones Kilimanjaro has to offer
  • The route offers a good success that is around 85%
  • An acclimatizing route preferred by 50% climbers

Machame doesn’t come with hut accommodation like Marangu. It’s a camping route.

The journey to the Uhuru peak starts from the Machame gate. Machame route goes through Machame camp, Shira 2 camp, Mweka camp, Lava tower, Shira 2 camp, Barranco camp, and Karanga camp.

The first stopover during the hike is at Machame Camp at the elevation of 9,350 ft. From Machame Camp the hike further goes to the next stopover Shira 2 camps elevated at 12,500 ft.

The trekking next takes the trekker to Lava tower from where you have to hike Shira 2 camp. Crossing Lava tower the hiking continues to the Barranco camp elevated at 13,044 ft.

Our next stop is the Karanga camp elevated at 15,331 ft. From Barranco, the hike goes up to Karanga Camp from where the further hike continues to Barafu camp.

From Barafu camp the final hike continues to the Uhuru peak at 5,895m. From there the descending starts following Mweka route crossing through Mweka camp and Mweka hut.

6-7 days trekking

One of the most popular routes, Machame Route offers stunning views and varied landscapes. Beginning with the vibrant lush foothill forest the route offers 6 to 7 days of the itinerary.

The various campsites along the routes are –

  • Machame Camp (3026 m)
  • Shira Camp (3766 m)
  • Barranco Camp (3900 m)
  • Karanga Camp (used by 7-day climbers, especially for acclimatization, 3960 m)
  • Barafu Camp (highest camp before summit, 4546 m)

77% – 86% Success Rate

Machame Route offers a great opportunity to follow the acclimatizing rule. It allows walking high and sleep low profile so the acclimatizing rate is much better. However, the route is bit steppe but preferred one due to its 86% success rate.

High Traffics

As preferred by the 50% trekkers are coming for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via this Route it is mostly crowded. Looking for a better opportunity to acclimatize and don’t have problem with crowd? Then go for Machame, the best one for Climbing Kilimanjaro.

Good Acclimatization Features

Offering a great opportunity to follow the walk high and sleep low Kilimanjaro Machame Route has the best acclimatizing feature. The route is a highly successful one due to being a very good acclimatizing trail route.

Excellent Kilimanjaro Scenery

The route offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountain. Covered with the spectacular landscape, the Machame Route often called the Whisky Route.

Shorter Itinerary Length

The Machame Route length is approximately 62 kilometers.

Machame Route has two variations with a 6 or 7-day itinerary. Both options include a climb high, sleep low acclimatization day. Machame has a significantly higher success rate with a seven-day route.

It is additionally one of the least expensive courses because of its simple access and shorter itinerary.

Best Tips for Success

To avoid blisters be sure to wear your climbing boots before your adventure to Kilimanjaro. Stay hydrated and carries a reusable water bottle to reduce the effect of Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness. Before your trek, attempt Embark on a few practices outdoors excursions to get acquainted with your environment. Prepare a Kilimanjaro Packing List and triple check you have everything you need before you go. Don’t forget to stop and take it the view en route to the summit. After all, the journey is the best part.

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