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Mount Kilimanjaro Full Moon Climb

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full moon at mount kilimanjaroMount Kilimanjaro Full Moon Climb

The full moon on Mount Kilimanjaro normally occurs in about every 29 days,therefore climber have 12 times in a year to witness the full moon. That’s one opportunity every month to witness this beautiful celestial event from the summit of  the highest Mount Kilimanjaro.

Most of a Kilimanjaro climb takes place during the day and the summit attempt starts before midnight in order to reach the summit at sun-rise.A summit attempt done during a full moon could make the evening climb easier, since you might not need to switch on your head lamp in the bright moonlight.

Planning a climbing up to Mount Kilimanjaro to coincide with the full moon dates detailed below, could further enhance the whole Kilimanjaro Climbing experience, as the bright moonlight would provide spectacular views of Kibo peak  from most of the overnight camps.

NB:Kindly note that we can not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in any of the above Kilimanjaro Full Moon dates tables. Although every effort is made to achieve accuracy in these moon calendars (Predictions), users may use these dates strictly at own risk and are therefore strongly advised to confirm the accuracy of the details at own arrangement, before traveling ,kindly contact with Kilibound Adventures Kilimanjaro Climbing expert at .

Why you should miss Kilimanjaro full moon ?

Don’t miss this amazing experience of a lifetime, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro during a full moon, seeing the glaciers glittering in the moonlight,that’s a Wooow experience for any climber and Kilibound Adventures offers both. simply stunning! Many Kilimanjaro climbers choose the full moon to coincide with their Kilimanjaro climb as when there are clear skies the bright full moon gives them enhanced visibility. It is a very popular time to climb and gets booked up early, see below for full moon dates.So for the best prices to climb Kilimanjaro please do enquire now.

full moon dates

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