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Lake Challa | Activities and Amazing Experience in Kilimanjaro Region

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lake challaLake Challa | Activities and Amazing Experience in Kilimanjaro Region

The Lake Chala, also named as  Lake Challa, is a Crater Lake that straddles the border between Kenya and Tanzania. The lake formed over 250,000 years ago. The lake is located at East of Mount Kilimanjaro, 8 kilometers north of Taveta, Kenya, and 55 kilometers east of Rombo District in Kilimanjaro region.

Lake Challa is a water-filled caldera that was formed after volcanic activity which is believed came from Mt Kilimanjaro eruption caused it to collapse. The crater itself is 3km in length and 2.45km wide, with a surface area of about 4.2km squares.

Lake Challa is great for exploring nature in Tanzania. Depending on the time of year the waters may be blue or green or turquoise but always clear and inviting. Swimming in this stunning caldera lake is highly recommended.

Lake Challa is an untouched part of a truly ancient land and a must visit place. Activities at Lake Challa includes:

             Walking safaris

             Canoeing at the Lake

             Swimming at the Lake

             Fishing.


Lake Challa, is  like a hidden treasure, a perfect place to enjoy, relax and unwind from the busy city life or time after Mountain Kilimanjaro Climbing or Wildlife Safari in Tanzania. This remote caldera lake on the border of Tanzania and Kenya is only 55km from Moshi and therefore the perfect get away for a day. Pure tranquility and beautiful nature await you at the lake. Explore the area on one of the many possible hikes, swim in the crystal clear water, kayak across borders or simply enjoy the stunning vistas of an untouched Africa.

An hour and a half drive from Moshi town to the East lies Lake Challa, a crater lake on the boarder of Tanzania and Kenya. On arrival the hike starts at the rim of its crater, enjoying the view down on this amazing lake. The trek will take approximately 45 minutes through savanna woodlands leading down to the lake itself. You will spend the full day swimming and relaxing on the lake shore before return hike up the crater walls. There is an adorable campsite at Lake Chala with a place for camp fire, cooking facilities and a bar. In the late afternoon we will arrange the transfer for your return to Moshi.

Remember you can have a day trip/excursion and even a couple of days in Lake Chala.

What is included?

  • Two way transport from Moshi Town
  • Entry fees
  • Lunch Box
  • Bottle of water (1.5L)
  • Price: ON REQUEST

Welcome for this amazing Experience in Lake Chala  with Kilibound Adventures .

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