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How long does it take to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro ?

how long does it take to climb mount kilimanjaro ?

How long does it really take to Climb the Mount Kilimanjaro Successfully ?

How long does it take to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro ? This query can be the most query that pop up on your head when you think about Kili Climb.Kilibound Adventures and our professional climbing guides have highlighted this question in detailed.

First of all you have to know the Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes;

  1. Lemosho Route
  2. Machame Route (“Whiskey” Route)
  3. Rongai Route
  4. Umbwe Route
  5. Rongai Route
  6. Marangu Route (“Coca-Cola” Route)
  7. Northern Circuit Route


Back to our important questions ,

How long does it take to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro ?

Basing on your fitness level, basing on the number of days you will stay in Tanzania it normally  takes between five to ten days to climb the tallest Mount in Africa and worlds second tallest Mount only behind Mount Everest the  Mount Kilimanjaro and this is  depending on the route and the pace of the itinerary. Very few brave record breakers have occasionally done it in just one day! Treks vary in length as well as duration.

Climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountain is not really hard because the trails are not steep it’s mostly dealing with the altitude, however the summit night is extremely difficulty as this is the coldest, windiest section of your adventure. An ascent of 4,084ft with 49% less oxygen and a descent of nearly 6,870ft.But Kilibound Adventure will really make it special day and unforgettable adventures.
Can Starters climb Kilimanjaro? The answer is Yes and to have the best Mount Kilimanjaro climbing experience as a starter, you should be fully aware of the conditions, seasonal climates, costs, and requirements to prepare yourself for this challenge.
Kilibound Adventures have these important leads that can help you to have successful Kilimanjaro  Climbing,
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