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The African Jacanas

african jacana

The African jacanas are a group of tropical waders in the family Jacanidae. They are mostly  found in the tropical regions around the world. They are noted for their elongated toes and toenails that allow them to spread out their weight while foraging on floating or semi-emergent aquatic vegetation.

African Jacanas can measure 23 to 31 cm (9.1 to 12.2 in) long. As in other jacanas, females average larger than males. Males can weigh from 115 to 224 g (4.1 to 7.9 oz), averaging 137 g (4.8 oz) and females from 167 to 290 g (5.9 to 10.2 oz), averaging 261 g (9.2 oz). They have chestnut upper parts with black wingtips, rear neck, and eye-stripe. The underparts are also chestnut in the adults, only in juveniles they are white with a chestnut belly patch. The blue bill extends up as a coot-like head shield, and the legs and long toes are grey. African jacanas feed o Insect and other invertebrates picked from the floating vegetation or the surface of the water.

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